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Hello, I am Struu

A next generation mobile video platform for professionals and organisations.
The herald for a new communications culture.

I am Struu, Your Expression Assistant

Struu is a mobile-first enterprise video and knowledge sharing platform, designed for insight-fuelled professionals and organisations.

Struu is a next-gen platform allowing you to create, share, consume, monetise and collaborate on insightful video content.

It is a communal media environment for your tribe, enabling you to set up your own public or private Communities, monetise your content and curate contextual video playlist for knowledge sharing.

Struu is the engine for all video community builders.

6 Steps to Struuming

Struu, the expression assistant explained

  • 1


    Register easily via email or with your social media account.

  • 2


    With Struu, you can record videos and stream live events for your community or to a wider audience.

    Struu, the in-app Expression Assistant, will take you through the first steps, making the recording of your first video as painless as possible.

    Struu enables easy production of professional-looking, branded video content for delivering real insights.

  • 3


    Establish your own Community based on work, mutual interest or passion project. Invite your team members, peers or professional contacts to join as Members or Contributors.

    Keep your Community private for safe collaboration and knowledge sharing, open it to the public for marketing purposes, or set up your own paid media with a monthly subscription fee.

    As an Organisation, you can establish several Communities dedicated for teams, projects, departments or different communication needs.

  • 4


    Struu enables collaboration on, and peer reviewing of, video contents within your Community.

    You can add your Community Members to given content’s Cast, and empower them to contribute on or review the production. You can also invite outside influencers to produce content for your Community.

  • 5


    Address new topics and issues, inform about organisational happenings, launch projects, cast your live events and share your thoughts via video.

    You can distribute your videos and events within a private Community, share them to the public, or monetise your content with a pay-per-view fee.

    Struu, the in-app Expression Assistant, will help you discover new content that is relevant to your work or areas of interest.

  • 6


    Track and manage your Community Members’ activity and analyse the attraction of your content with Struu Analytics.

    Interact with your people via video and polls for improved engagement and a healthier Community.

Our Philosophy

Struu is…

A new democratised communications culture.

Struu is a means to empowering employees, elevating internal know-how through content, and incorporating knowledge and insight across your organisation.

enterprise video content management

A safe means to exposing your expertise. Struu is a tool for astute expression and collaborative creation, enabling easy production of professional, insight-laden videos within safe spaces.

personal branding video

This is why we have created Struu, The first truly useful mobile video platform for professionals and enterprises. Struu makes it easy and safe to be exposed and renders information contextual and discoverable. Struu enables the communications culture of organisations to become more equal, social and interactive.

Whether it is about creating and sharing or monetising your content, collaborative working, improving internal communications or curating contextual content is all Struu.

mobile video for business


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